Blue Bahia Granite (Pictures & Costs)

Blue Bahia Granite is a beautiful natural stone that is perfect for those looking for something a bit different. This particular type of granite comes from Brazil, and it has a unique texture and appearance.

It is the most unique granite in the world, valued for its patterns of rich blue, green, white, and black blotches and veining, making it unique and beautiful. The other name of blue granite is called Azul Bahia Granite.

Flake, blotch, and veins will be the colors on this countertop product. It’s a fine example of Blue Bahia’s highest standard.

This stone is excellent for those looking to accent a wall or floor in their home with something just a bit different. Blue Bahia Granite is the perfect choice for those looking for something natural with a little bit of something more.

Blue Bahia Granite

Blue Bahia Granite

Country  Brazil
Color Options White, Blue, Black, Green
Slab Size  130 x 75
Thickness 2 cm to 3 cm
Average Cost/Price $90 – $130 per square foot.
Other Names  Azul Bahia Granite
Material Type Granite

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Blue Bahia Granite

Blue Bahia Pattern

Patterns can be found in all aspects of life. Granite countertops are one place where homeowners can find interesting and unique patterns. Blue Bahia granite is one such type of granite that has a unique pattern. This granite is found in Brazil and has a blue-green color with swirls of white and gray.

Homeowners who are looking for a unique look for their kitchen countertops should consider blue Bahia granite. This granite is sure to add interest and beauty to any kitchen. It is also very durable, making it a good choice for busy kitchens.

Blue Bahia Durability

Blue Bahia Granite

Like the other natural products, this Blue Bahia is also a very durable stone. There is no issue with this beautiful granite.

This material needs sealing on the yearly basis to prevent staining, damage and keep this countertop always new.

This granite is ideal for indoor projects such as countertops, and walls.

Yes, you can use hot utensils on this beautiful granite because it is heat resistant. This granite countertop needs should be cleaned after each meal to prevent stains.

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How much Does Blue Bahia Granite Cost?

Blue Bahia Granite

The cost of Blue Bahia granite can vary according to your project requirements. The leathered finish cost normally increases if you go for honed and flamed slabs.

Blue Bahia granite can cost a few dollars less than a regular polished plate. The overall cost of the project will be determined by the amount of material you’ll need and the amount of space you’ll need to install your countertops.

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This granite cost typically increases due to its rareness, patterns, colors, and less availability on the market. The average cost of this granite is in the range of $90 to $130 per square foot.

The natural blue color of the granite slab makes it rare and difficult to find in the world. This natural bluestone is the best choice for those new homeowners that really love the sea. Its blue color tone and pattern can vary from slab to slab.


Blue Bahia Granite

The Blue Bahia slab is available in two different thicknesses, 2cm, and 3cm.

Blue Bahia Kitchen Countertop

Blue Bahia Granite

The use of a Blue Bahia Countertop can bring a new style to any kitchen. This type of countertop replaced the old-fashioned Stone countertops.

This was a new type of surface that held a subtle blue hue in the light. Many modern kitchens have eliminated the need for bar-style kitchens and the island is now considered the kitchen design.

A Blue Bahia Kitchen Countertop is perfect for any kitchen as it is durable and will not show stains. The countertop is also a great piece of furniture for a kitchen as it is easy to clean, durable, and can be the focal point in any kitchen.

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Blue Bahia Granite

Benefits of Blue Bahia Granite for Your Home

The benefits of having a granite stone in your home can be significant. It is one of the hardest natural stones and has a resistance to scratches and stains that cannot be matched by any other stone.

It also offers extreme durability and will last for many years to come. These qualities make blue Bahia granite a perfect choice for anyone considering including this stone in their home.

Blue Bahia Granite

Blue Bahia Granite

Is blue Bahia granite expensive?

There is a lot of debate over whether or not blue Bahia granite is expensive. Some people say that it is one of the most expensive types of granite, while others claim that it is one of the cheapest. The truth is that it can be quite expensive, but there are also cheaper options available.

One of the reasons that blue Bahia granite can be expensive is because it is a unique type of stone. It is not as common as other varieties, so there may be a limited supply in your area. This can drive the price up. Additionally, because it is a beautiful and unique color, many people are drawn to it and are willing to pay more for it.

However, there are also less expensive options available. If you are looking for something similar to blue Bahia granite, but don’t want to spend as much money, consider black granite instead.

Are Granite Countertops A Health Hazard?

While granite countertops are popular due to their durability and aesthetic appeal, some people may be wondering if they are a health hazard. The truth is that any time you have a surface in your kitchen that you will be preparing food on, you need to take some precautions.

With granite countertops, this means using a sealant to protect against bacteria and acids that can cause staining and etching.

It is also important to use hot pads or trivets when placing pots or pans on the countertop since granite can get quite hot. By following these simple tips, you can enjoy your granite countertops while keeping your family safe.

How Do You Clean Blue Granite?

Cleaning blue granite is not difficult, but it does require some time and effort. The first step is to vacuum the surface of the granite to remove any loose dirt or dust. Next, mix a few drops of dish soap with warm water in a bucket, and use a sponge or rag to wipe down the surface.

Be sure to rinse the surface thoroughly with clean water when you are finished. If any spots or stains remain, use a small amount of vinegar or lemon juice on a sponge or rag to gently scrub them away.

What Is Blue Fire Granite?

Blue Fire granite is quarried from the same region as Bahia Blue granite, but it is a different type of stone. This granite has a heavy gold and black flecked background with blue highlights that give the stone its name. Blue Fire is a popular choice for countertops and other indoor applications.


Blue Bahia Granite is a great material for kitchen countertops. It is durable, scratch-resistant, and heat-resistant. It also has a beautiful color that will enhance the look of any kitchen. However, it is important to consider all options before making a decision.

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