Moon White Granite For Your Kitchen Countertop

Moon White Granite is a stunning natural stone that has become increasingly popular in modern homes. Its unique characteristics make it an excellent choice for homeowners wanting to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to their home décor. The stone is often used for kitchen countertops, flooring, bathroom vanities, and fireplace surrounds due to its durability and attractive appearance.

Moon White Granite

Characteristics of Moon White Granite

This beautiful light grey granite features white veins with hints of silvery blue quartz throughout for a unique look. It’s also extremely strong and resilient to everyday wear and tear, making it an ideal choice for high traffic areas such as kitchens or bathrooms. Its polished finish gives the surface a luxurious shine while remaining resistant to scratches, staining, and heat damage. Additionally, Moon White is non-porous so it won’t absorb water or liquids which makes cleaning easy.

Benefits of Moon White Granite

Moon White Granite

One of the main benefits of Moon White Granite is its durability. This granite stone is one of the toughest and longest-lasting surfaces on the market today, making it a great choice for any kitchen or bathroom renovation project. Its strength and resilience make it an ideal material that can stand up to almost anything thrown at it, from hot pots and pans to spills while retaining its good looks.

Being one of the hardest stones available, Moon White has a hardness rating of 7 on Mohs scale which means that it won’t scratch easily or stain as other materials may do over time. It does not require extensive maintenance to keep it in pristine condition either; just regular cleaning with mild soap and warm water is enough to maintain its fresh look for years.

Why Should You Choose Moon White Granite?

Moon White Granite

If you’re looking for a luxurious and elegant countertop option, Moon White may be the perfect choice. This stunning granite stone offers many benefits that make it a great addition to any kitchen, bathroom or other area of your home.

Moon White Granite is both beautiful and durable, which makes it ideal for high-traffic areas as well as low-traffic areas. Its classic white color gives it a timeless look that will never go out of style. The natural veining throughout adds texture and dimension to your chosen space. Additionally, Moon White is easy to maintain and requires only minimal upkeep over time.

If you’re looking for a countertop option that is sophisticated yet durable, Moon White is an excellent choice.

Uses of Moon White Granite

This granite is a great choice for countertops, flooring, or other areas where you want a classic yet modern look. This type of granite can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. Kitchen countertops or bathroom vanities are popular uses of Moon White Granite due to its beauty, durability, and easy maintenance. Its neutral shade pairs well with any color palette whether it is contemporary or traditional-styled homes. It can also be used on outdoor patios as flooring or on walls as accent pieces which makes it highly versatile when designing an outdoor living space.

Cost of Moon White Granite

Moon White Granite

The cost of Moon White varies depending on the quality of the stone, the thickness of the slab, and where it is sourced from. High-quality Moon White typically comes at a higher price tag than lower-grade stones due to its unique coloration and durability.

Generally speaking, thicker slabs will also be more expensive than thinner ones because they require more material and labor to install. Furthermore, suppliers located in certain parts of the world may charge higher prices due to transportation costs or exchange rates.

On average, Moon White granite can range anywhere from $50 per square foot up to $100 per square foot depending on these factors.

How to Care for Moon White Granite

Caring for Moon White Granite is relatively easy when you understand the basics of stone care. Whether your Moon White is used as a countertop or backsplash, following these simple steps can help to keep your granite looking beautiful longer.

To properly care for Moon White Granite, make sure to clean it daily with warm water and mild soap. This can help remove any dirt or debris that may have accumulated on the surface. Additionally, it’s best to avoid using any harsh chemicals like bleach or ammonia so as not to damage the natural stone finish. To protect against staining, waxing or sealing your Moon White Granite once every few months is recommended to create an added layer of protection over its surface.

Slab Size

Moon White Granite

Moon White is a popular choice for kitchen countertops due to its durability, beauty and variety of color options. But before you purchase, it’s important to know the most common slab size for granite countertops so that you get the right amount of material.

The standard slab size for Moon White is 108 inches by 26 inches. This size will be suitable for most kitchen countertop applications and provide enough material to cover an average-sized surface area. If more coverage is needed, additional slabs may be purchased or the slabs can be cut into smaller pieces with a diamond saw blade. The thickness of the slab should also be considered – typically 3/4″ or 1 ½”.


In conclusion, Moon White is a beautiful, low-maintenance material that can create stunning looks in any home. It is durable and able to withstand the test of time, making it an excellent choice for interior projects. This granite is fairly affordable and easy to find, making it a great option for those looking for a classic look at an affordable price. The subtle texture and hue of Moon White Granite add depth and character to spaces, making it ideal for adding warmth and elegance to any living area.

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