Concrete Countertops – Pros and Cons

Concrete Countertops

Concrete countertops are a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms in the design community. They offer a unique and rustic look, while still maintaining a modern edge. There are many different ways to install them, but most people use concrete mix and an aggregate like pea gravel. They are strong, durable, and require little maintenance. …

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Alaska White Granite [Pictures, Cost & Info]

Alaska White Granite

Alaska White Granite is quarried in Brazil. This White granite is a solid mixture of pale silver and frosty whites, that are available in warm neutrals and onyx. This granite is the best choice for countertops, backsplashes, floors, and walls, both interior and exterior. A number of slab sizes are available for this versatile natural …

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Porcelain Countertops Pros & Cons

Porcelain countertops

Porcelain countertops are a trend that is gaining popularity in kitchens across the United States. If you’ve been considering a new countertop for your kitchen, bathroom, or other space in your home, you’ve likely come across the term porcelain countertop. Porcelain can be used as a countertop material, flooring material, or sink material and is …

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How to Paint Brick the Right Way

How To Paint Bricks

Painting bricks is of the foremost importance for providing various shades and patterns to the bricks. However, the question arises of how to paint bricks. The answer to the above question is “Painting can be done by manual or machine”. There are two different sizes of bricks, the standard rectangular size, and the narrow size. …

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Blue Bahia Granite (Pictures & Costs)

Blue Bahia Granite

Blue Bahia Granite is a beautiful natural stone that is perfect for those looking for something a bit different. This particular type of granite comes from Brazil, and it has a unique texture and appearance. It is the most unique granite in the world, valued for its patterns of rich blue, green, white, and black …

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Black Pearl Granite – Countertops Kitchen

black pearl granite

Black Pearl Granite is a dark and lustrous granite quarried in California, United State. The black pearl granite is one of the world’s most expensive and luxurious granites, it is also one of the hardest materials to work with. Black pearl granite is a dark colour, varying from greyish black to jet black. It can …

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Standard Countertop Height: Get the Right Fit

standard counter height

Standard countertop height in the kitchen for renovation is something you don’t need to look at on a daily basis. Bathroom and kitchen Countertop height requirement is based on your own personal needs. When you make a decision for your home first you should need to consider your own family requirements. Here is the countertop …

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Epoxy Countertops – Everything You Need to Know

epoxy countertops

These days epoxy countertops gain popularity on the market because of the many benefits that they offer. They are a protective coating that helps to seal the surface and protect it from spills and stains. They are a durable material that is resistant to scratches, chemicals, and heat. Plus, they are more affordable than other …

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Knockdown Texture Everything You Need To Know

knockdown texture

Knockdown texture is a decorative paint technique where the paint is applied to a surface and then dragged across with a bristle brush or a trowel, leaving paint only in the indented areas. It is a faux finish that is created with a trowel, a paintbrush, and a bucket of mortar.  Knockdown texture can be …

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Best Granite Countertops & Granite Colors

Granite Countertop Colors

The granite is available in different varieties and different color variations. Here we shared with you the most popular granite countertops colors that directly help you to choose the best countertop colors for your kitchen or bathroom. Granite is a coarse-grained igneous rock that is primarily composed of quartz and plagioclase. Granite is common earth …

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