Dolomite Countertops [PICTURES AND PRICING]

Dolomite countertops

Dolomite countertops are a relatively new construction material that has been popularised in the last few years. With their sleek industrial design, they have been chosen for their durability and sustainable nature. They also come in a variety of colors and shapes to match any kitchen’s needs. This article will cover everything you need to …

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Types of Wood You Should Know About

Types of Wood

The word “wood” can be used to describe a lot of things. We use it to describe the forests and trees that grow on the land, but it also describes the material that we use to build our houses and furniture. There are many types of wood in the world, and each species has its …

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Luna Pearl Granite Countertops for Kitchen

Luna Pearl Granite

Luna Pearl Granite is quarried in Spain. This Luna Pearl comes in different color choices such as white, cream, black, brown, and gray. Valle Nevado Granite is quite similar to Luna pearl earthy color and people were getting confused between these two granites but, there is little color difference in both these granites. Luna Pearl …

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Silestone Et Calacatta Gold

Et Calacatta Gold

Et Calacatta Gold is a beautiful, luxurious marble that can be used for countertops, flooring, and walls. It has a unique look with swirls of light gray and gold veins. This marble is perfect for high-end homes or businesses. Et Calacatta Gold is expensive but worth the cost because it adds elegance and sophistication to …

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Does Granite Stain and Fade Over Time?

Does Granite Stain

Many homeowners are concerned about whether does granite stain or not. The answer is yes, but the stain is usually harmless. Most granite stains are caused by acidic foods or drinks that come into contact with your countertop – common culprits include orange juice, tomato sauce, and coffee. If you notice a spill, clean it …

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Dallas White Granite

dallas white granite

Dallas White Granite is a material that can be very useful in a variety of residential and commercial settings. It is quarried from a bedrock quarry in Brazil. The stone can be used to create elegant countertops in your kitchen or bathroom or for your fireplace. You may use it to create a matching fireplace …

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Steel Grey Granite [Pictures, Cost & Info]

Steel Grey Granite

Steel grey granite is quarried in India and used for both interior and exterior applications. The granite is known for its durability, low maintenance, and resistance to staining. The steel grey color of the granite can brighten up any space with its cool tones. It can be used as a countertop material in kitchens and …

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Why You Shouldn’t Stand or Sit on Your Granite Countertops

Is it proper elicit to sit on granite countertops

There are several reasons why you shouldn’t stand or sit on your granite countertops. Countertops are a necessary part of almost every kitchen. They provide a work surface for food preparation and cooking, as well as a place to set items down. When selecting a countertop material, many homeowners consider the aesthetics of the material …

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River White Granite – Best Option for Your Home

River White Granite

River White Granite is a beautiful, versatile stone that is available in several colours. The River White Granite comes in grey, white, black, red, and green. You can use this material for many purposes such as exterior wall cladding, flooring, countertops, and other patterns. It is one of the most popular stones because it has …

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How To Seal Dolomite Countertops

How To Seal Dolomite Countertops

There are many different ways to seal your dolomite countertops. If you’ve ever had a kitchen renovation project, then you know that sealing the countertops is an important step. Not only does it protect the surface from food and liquid spills, but it also helps to keep the countertop looking new for longer. There are …

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