River White Granite Detailed Information With Pictures

The river white granite is available for slabs and tiles it is used for interior and exterior projects such as countertop and backsplashes and it offers durability and different color options such as mainly white light color with veins and red or burgundy spots.

Detail Information of River White Granite

The River White Granite is from India. This white granite looks very beautiful and comes in different colors White, Gray, Small deep burgundy flecks.

River white granite is used for both Commercial and Residential purposes such as flooring, countertops, and for walls.

The vast majority uses this river white granite for their kitchen and bathroom as well as use for floorings. River white granite slab size in the range of 130 x 75 and its thickness range is 2cm and 3cm. And its average price is  $30 to $45 per square foot.

River White Granite River White Granite River White Granite River White Granite

Pricing of River White Granite

A River White Granite is the most popular granite choice of new homeowners and builders. This river white granite demand is very high in the market because of its inherent beauty.

Its cost/price can be varied as per its thickness and durability or its color. The price of your project also depends upon how much material you need for your project.

A 3cm thick slab of river white granite cost around $40 to $55 per square foot. And 2cm thick slab of white granite cost around $30 to $45 per square foot.

Is River White Granite Hard to Maintain?

River white granite is very heavy and difficult to install. So many other granites are available but the river white granite looks luxurious and stylish. Yes, it’s hard to maintain because stains are easily visible on the white surface. That’s why its maintenance is high as compared to other types of granites.

Honed River White Granite Problems

Honed white granite is very durable and there is no issue with white honed granite. In the Honed white countertop, the stain is more visible but it is much easier to clean stains from the countertop. The problem comes in the installation of the white granite because it is too heavy and it is very difficult to install.

River White Granite in Kitchen & Bathroom

It is a great choice for the kitchen and bathroom. River white granite looks stylish on the countertop of the kitchen and bathroom it gives a premium and luxurious look to the home. Black, Grey and White granite colors are the most popular type for the kitchen especially with the wood and white cabinets.

River White Granite For Kitchen

River white granite countertops are the most popular choice of builders and homeowners. It is more expensive but it is worth it.

River White Granite Bathroom

This River White Granite with red dots gives a luxurious vibe to the bathroom. The white vanity cabinet looks good with a white granite countertop.

How Thick River White Granite Is?

River White Granite

Basically, the river white granite comes in two thicknesses. The first is 20mm (2 cm) thick and the second one is 30mm (3 cm) thick. White granite tile is available in the market and its thickness range is 3/8, ½, and even ¾ inches. The thicker white tiles are more stronger, good in quality but a little bit expensive than other types of granite.

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