Everything You Need To Know About Valle Nevado Granite

Valle Nevado Granite is a great material for countertops or other surfaces. It is also known as “Rocky Mountain Gray,” is our beautiful granite from the Andes Mountains of Argentina. This granite has a unique blend of gray and white with a coarse texture that will add character to any kitchen.

It is composed of quartz, feldspar, mica minerals, and dark gray minerals. It’s not just great for kitchens; you can also use it for bathroom vanities, fireplaces, and even tabletops!

In addition to being durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions, the Valle Nevado Granite is also very attractive and so it is a popular choice for contractors who are looking to add beauty to their projects.

Valle Nevado Granite

Valle Nevado Granite

This granite is perhaps one of the most attractive stones you can find on the market. It’s a type of granite that is dense and durable, so it is perfect for exterior use.

This stone has a variety of colors from different shades of gray to blue to black. It also has a high resistance against both acid rain and heat, which makes it perfect for use in places close to the ocean such as coastal areas.

Valle Nevado Granite

Country  Argentina
Color Options White, Gray, Black Flecks
Slab Size  170 cm wide and 280 cm to 320 cm long
Thickness 2 cm to 3 cm
Average Cost/Price $40-50 per sq. ft.
Other Names  Buckingham White granite, New Imperial White granite, Indian Bianco Romano granite, and Platinum White granite
Material Type Granite

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Honed Problems

The problem is that the granite does not possess the right aesthetic qualities.

We can see this with the countertops in kitchens or in bathrooms. Granite, which is often used in these spaces, has a tendency to become stained over time.

This is because it comes in contact with acidic substances like lemon juice and wine, coffee, tea, and sometimes even milk when people consume these beverages at their breakfast bar.

The causes of granite staining are complex but they can be attributed to differences in mineral content among different types of stone; differences in how porous each type of stone is; and differences in how quickly liquids penetrate into each type of stone.

To avoid staining, this material would need to be sealed once a year. Sealing Valle Nevado granite countertops can keep them looking fresh and avoid etching or color fading.

Valle Nevado Granite


The Valle Nevado granite leather finish is the perfect option for a countertop finish that produces a texture on the granite that you can easily feel.

Dust can easily get stuck in grooves because it is more textured than polished or honed granite. Black pearl granite leather requires special care and requires special ordering, which raises the price.


Valle Nevado Granite

It is a beautiful and hardy stone that comes in many colors. The variety of color tones can be seen as a benefit because it gives you the opportunity to get a style that will best complement your home’s interior.

It’s also a popular material for building projects due to its durability.

You might want to use Valle Nevado if you are looking for something that won’t have to be replaced over time and with regular maintenance. Also, you can use a hot utensil on the granite surface.


Valle Nevado Granite

The cost/price of this granite will vary according to your location, how much material you need for your project. If you want a slab that has been honed, flamed, or leathered, the price will usually rise. A regular polished Valle Nevado slab would cost a few dollars less. Other finishes for this material are uncommon.

The cost of Valle Nevado granite varies depending on the project specifications.

For example, if a homeowner would like to use Valle Nevado granite for their kitchen countertops and backsplash will range in between $40-50 per sq. ft.

It is one of the most common choices for builders and new homeowners. This Granite offers many designs and patterns that make the house more stylish.

Kitchen Countertop

Valle Nevado Granite

When selecting a material for your kitchen, you have a variety of options. You might want to consider granite countertops. Granite countertops are durable and long-lasting, and their appearance can be customised to match any style or mood.

Colors range from light gray to blue, and the stone can be polished or unpolished. Granite countertop prices vary depending on the thickness of the slab (thicker slabs cost more) and the installer (some installers charge more).

It gives a warm and earthy look to your kitchen. Because it is similar to its sister granite, Luna Pearl Granite increases the demand on the market.

Valle Nevado Granite

Slab Size

The typical granite slab is 65 cm wide and 180 cm to 300 cm high, while the gangsaw slab is 170 cm wide and 280 cm to 320 cm long.

The slab thickness ranges from 2 to 3 cm. The cost of Colonial White Granite slabs ranges from $40-50 per square foot.

valle nevado granite slab

5 Most Interesting Facts About Valle Nevado Granite

1. The word “Valle” is translated to mean Valley, which Valle Nevado Granite translates to mean Valley Snowy Slab.

2. This granite are found in the Andes mountain range in Chile, which are some of the largest mountain ranges in the world with an altitude of 6,000-8,000 meters or 19,685-26,247 feet.

3. This granite is primarily composed of quartz and feldspar with a small amount of titanium oxide.

4. One of the many properties is that it’s non-porous and has an extremely high water absorption rate when exposed to rain or snow fall within 24 hours when at its dampest point is 100%.

5. It has a very high concentration of quartz, making it aesthetically pleasing and durable.


Granite countertops and backsplashes are great in kitchen counters. They look great, are easy to maintain, and the color will adapt with the kitchen. Choose the granite countertop and look at what it will look like in your kitchen, because you are making a statement when you do.

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