New Valle Nevado Granite

Valle Nevado granite is a great material for countertops or other surfaces. This granite has a unique blend of grey, black, and white with a coarse texture that will add character to any kitchen.

Valle nevado is composed of quartz, feldspar, and mica minerals. It’s not just great for kitchens; you can also use it for bathroom vanities, fireplaces, floors, and tabletops!

In addition to being durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions, valle nevado is also very attractive. So it is a popular choice for contractors looking to add beauty to their projects.

Valle Nevado Granite
Country Brazil
Color OptionsWhite, grey, Black Flecks
Slab Size 170 cm wide and 280 cm to 320 cm long
Thickness2 cm to 3 cm
Average Cost/Price$40-50 per sq. ft.
Other Names Buckingham White granite, New Imperial White granite, Indian Bianco Romano granite, and Platinum White Granite
Material TypeGranite

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How Much Does Valle Nevado Granite Cost?

Granite is one of the most popular building materials on the market and Valle Nevado granite is no exception. This type of granite has a unique, striking color pattern which makes it an ideal choice for kitchen countertops and flooring. However, while Valle Nevado may look great in your home, it comes with a price tag that can be hefty.

In general, you will find that Valle Nevado costs between $30-50 per square foot depending on where you shop. This cost does not include installation fees or additional supplies such as sealants and grouting material needed for its application. If you are looking for a higher quality grade like this type of granite, then the cost could easily increase by $50 per square foot.

Granite Level

Valle Nevado is considered to be a 1-grade granite, meaning it has a higher quality than other types of granite. This type of granite is ideal for counters because its light color and durability make it easier to maintain and keep clean.

Any granite grade is determined by its thickness, uniformity in grain size, presence of blemishes and other imperfections, as well as its overall look and feel.

Valle Nevado has a very consistent grain size throughout the slab, with few uneven spots or blemishes. It also has an attractive look with subtle striations on the surface that can add visual interest to any kitchen or bathroom design. Additionally, this type of granite also holds up well to wear and tear over time.

How durable is Valle Nevado granite?

Valle Nevado Granite

Valle Nevado granite is a durable, hardwearing stone that has been used in home building and countertops for decades. A popular natural stone choice throughout the world, Valle Nevado is known for its unique grain pattern, deep greens, and blues, as well as its lasting durability. But just how durable is this stunning natural material?

When properly sealed and cared for according to the manufacturer’s instructions, Valle Nevado granite can easily last a lifetime or longer with minimal maintenance.

It’s almost impervious to stains from oils and other food products making it ideal for kitchen countertops or bathroom vanities.

Additionally, it’s virtually scratch-resistant and won’t fade or discolor over time compared to other materials like marble or quartz. This granite also has excellent heat resistance which makes this granite ideal for use in fireplaces as well.

Honed Problems

Honed Problems in Valle Nevado granite are a common issue for homeowners who have opted to install this popular granite material. The problems occur when the finish begins to wear away, leaving behind an uneven and rough surface. The most common form of honed problem is the degradation of the finish resulting in fine scratches, dull colors and faded areas.

To prevent honing problems on this granite.It is important to use high-quality sealers that can be regularly reapplied as needed. It is also important to clean the surface using only a soft cloth and approved cleaners specifically formulated for stone surfaces. In addition, proper maintenance with regular polishing will help maintain the original smoothness of the honed finish.


Valle Nevado granite leather finish should be at the top of your list. If you’re seeking for a countertop finish that is both distinctive and long-lasting. This particular variety of granite has a pleasant to the touch texture that also accentuates the stone’s inherent beauty. This finish, which is applied by brushing the surface with abrasive brushes, produces a non-slip surface with a unique appearance.

Durability is one advantage of selecting this particular granite finish. It is less prone to display scratches or stains due to the leathered texture than other finishes like shiny or honed surfaces. Furthermore, because it resists stains and needs little maintenance, this kind of countertop is simple to maintain.

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Granite has been utilized for ages in building, architecture, and decorative design. Because it is a versatile and long-lasting natural stone. Granite can amplify any space with elegance and sophistication thanks to its striking colors and finishes. Because of its resistance to wear and weather, it’s also a popular option for landscaping projects in the outdoors.

Granite’s variety of colors is what makes it such a desirable option. There is bound to be a color that will go well with your home’s design or landscaping project, from deep blacks to vivid blues. Astonishingly, there are a wide variety of finishes to pick from, including opulent matte textures and glossy polished surfaces.

Valle Nevado Granite

How to Care for Your Valle Nevado Granite Countertop?

Here are some suggestions for maintaining your Valle Nevado granite countertop:

1. Clean spills right away: Wipe up any spills on the surface right away to avoid discoloration.

2. Use a soft cleaner: Avoid using harsh chemical cleansers or abrasive sponges, which can scrape and damage your countertop’s surface. Instead, use a soft cloth and a pH-neutral cleanser.

3. Seal on a frequent basis: Granite is porous and can absorb liquids over time, causing stains. To prevent liquid absorption, have an expert apply a sealant.

4. Avoid placing hot things directly on the surface: Prolonged heat exposure can damage the granite surface; thus, use trivets or hot pads to protect it.

5. Be careful when cutting: While granite is scratch-resistant, using sharp blades directly on the countertop might leave marks or scratches over time. Always use a chopping board instead.

Benefits of Valle Nevado Granite Countertop

The benefits of Valle Nevado are as follows:

Valle Nevado Granite

Because of its distinct beauty, toughness, and strength, it is a preferred material for countertops. The capacity of granite to resist scratches, chipping, and heat damage. Is one of the most important advantages of using it for your countertop. Since heavy pots and pans are regularly used in busy kitchens, this makes it the perfect material for those areas.

Aside from that, it is available in a wide range of hues and patterns. Making it easy to coordinate with any kitchen style or color scheme. As long as you regularly wipe it down with a moist cloth, it’s also quite simple to clean and maintain.

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The capacity of Valle Nevado granite countertops to raise a home’s value is another benefit. You may improve the overall look of your kitchen and raise the value of your home by installing high-quality worktops manufactured from high-end materials like Valle Nevado.

Finally, because Valle Nevado granite is all-natural and comes from ethical quarries, utilizing it as a countertop surface is a green choice. You will therefore have countertops that are not just lovely and strong but also environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Kitchen Countertop

Valle Nevado Granite

When selecting a material for your kitchen, you have various options. You might want to consider granite countertops. Granite countertops are durable and long-lasting, and their appearance can be customised to match any style or mood.

Colors range from light grey to blue, and the stone can be polished or unpolished. Granite countertop prices vary depending on the thickness of the slab (thicker slabs cost more) and the installer (some installers charge more).

It gives a warm and earthy look to your kitchen. Because it is similar to its sister granite, Luna Pearl Granite increases the demand on the market.

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Slab Size

The typical granite slab is 65 cm wide and 180 cm to 300 cm high, while the gangsaw slab is 170 cm wide and 280 cm to 320 cm long. The slab thickness ranges from 2 to 3 cm. The cost of Valle Nevado Granite slabs ranges from $40-50 per square foot.

Last Thoughts

In conclusion, granite countertops and backsplashes make a great addition to any kitchen. Granite is an attractive material that is easy to maintain, and it has the unique ability to adapt to different kitchen designs. It is also very strong, making it a fantastic long-term investment for your kitchen. You can find the ideal granite countertop or backsplash to fit your design vision thanks to this granite because many options are available.

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What Makes Valle Nevado Granite Unique?

There are several ways in which this granite is unique from other granite variants on the market. The most notable feature of Valle Nevado Granite is its color variation, which ranges from grey to light blue with dark veins running through it.

The veining pattern comes from different layers of minerals that are part of this unique stone. Another unique characteristic is its strength and durability.

It is much harder than most types of granite, making it ideal for outdoor applications like patios or driveways. The distinctive appearance of this granite makes it an excellent choice for kitchen counters, backsplashes, bathroom walls, and floors. Its natural beauty can enhance any home’s interior design and add a touch of sophistication to any space.

Valle Nevado Granite Vs. White And Black Marble?

When it comes to selecting a material for home countertops, Valle Nevado Granite vs. White and Black Marble are two popular options.

The first is a natural stone with a unique pattern of dark gray and black crystals that can be used in any style kitchen or bathroom.

On the other hand, white and black marble offer an elegant look with its classic veining that complements many décors. Valle Nevado is very robust, scratch- and heat-resistant, making it the ideal countertop material for busy kitchens.

Despite having strong scratch resistance, marble might be vulnerable to stains if it is not coated properly, thus daily cleaning is crucial.

Marble will occasionally need to be polished or buffed to eliminate etchings or surface damage in addition to routine resealing every few years to maintain its perfect appearance.

How thick is Valle Nevado Granite?

Valle Nevado Granite is one of the most popular materials used for countertops and other surfaces in modern homes. But how thick is Valle Nevado Granite?

Understanding how thick this granite is can help homeowners make an informed decision when selecting materials for their projects.

The thickness of Valle Nevado depends on its application and which finish the homeowner has chosen. For general countertop use, 1 inch is standard, while 2 inches may be necessary if a heavy backsplash or sink will be installed.

When it comes to flooring, thicker cuts are recommended as they provide more stability and durability; 3 to 4 inches of Valle Nevado Granite are ideal in these cases.

Additionally, honed or polished finishes require additional material thickness due to their increased wear resistance over other options.

Is Valle Nevado granite a better option than marble?

When it comes to kitchen countertops, Valle Nevado granite has grown in popularity among homeowners. Nevertheless, is it actually preferable than marble? There are a few key things to think about while choosing between Valle Nevado granite and marble.

Starting with the fact that it is a little tougher than marble, granite is more resistant to dents, chips, and cracks. Valle Nevado granite further provides a sophisticated appearance that elevates any kitchen area.

Given its distinctive gray and white design, practically any type of home decor, from classic to modern, can simply incorporate it.

Marble, on the other hand, continues to be one of the most fashionable countertop materials because of its ageless appeal and traditional elegance.

Does Valle Nevado granite stain over time?

The answer is no valle nevado does not stain over time and requires minimal upkeep in order to maintain its luxurious look. This natural stone is highly resistant to discoloration.

So you won’t have to worry about staining from spills or other liquids that may come in contact with the surface of your counters or floors. Preventing stains requires only simple cleaning methods such as wiping down surfaces with a damp cloth and mild soap solution on occasion.

Will black rubber mats ruin granite countertops?

No, black rubber mats will not ruin granite countertops. In fact, rubber is a great material to use under heavy objects, like appliances, because it absorbs the shock of movement.

The simplest response to this is that a granite countertop is an investment that is worthwhile enough. Because it is one of the most resilient materials for worktops and is available in a variety of colors.

Is Valle Nevado Granite Worthy Of Investment?

Granite is heat resistant and will not stain or scratch. It is also easy to care for and can be polished to a high shine. Although granite countertops can be expensive, they are a worthwhile investment that will last many years.

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